Cup-O-Meat, To Go!

My usual food scientists, E & R, weren’t available for a trek to Smokehouse Barbecue in Leduc. He was away discovering a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, and she was having a shower with a bunch of other women, which I was not allowed to attend or watch.

“Drat the luck”, said I, but sallied forth anyway, powering down the highway in my 2012 Dodge Charger, this week’s test vehicle (AWD with Pentastar engine).

The food was great; a three-meat combination of pulled pork, St. Louis ribs and an extra-succulent beef brisket that I will totally go back for again, with the usual barbecue sides: cornbread, slaw and beans.

I couldn’t eat it all, for I am a dainty little fellow of restrained appetites, but I couldn’t leave it there, either. I had a lot more driving to do that afternoon in the Charger, and carting a styro-container full of meat in the car on a hot day didn’t seem like a good thing to do; when the idea hit me:  the tester is equipped with cupholders that are both heated and cooled.

I asked the server for a take-out coffee cup with a lid to use as a container – once I explained what I was planning, she stopped staring at me like I’d left my shirt open and my parasitic twin was hanging out – and filled it with the remaining meats.

Possibly the cleverest thing I’ve done all day, so far, and an excellent showcase for this unusual Chrysler feature; which I’m sure is exactly what they intended when they built it.