Perception v. Reality

A cartoon addressing the unfair and erroneous misconceptions that my powerful and cruel editors and various associates back at “the office” often form of brave pioneers like me when I’m allowed to go out on the road without adult supervision.

This took forever to draw, mostly because I’m not super at fitting three characters onto the same panel, especially when they all have to be touching each other; and also because I’m not a real good draw-er.

Also, I just now realized I forgot to put little fishnet stockings on Cthulhu Prostitute, and for that I’m truly sorry, but whatever. Here you go.

The second panel, as you might expect, depicts the dignified reality of a highly developed road agent like myself: hangin’ out on the roof of the Jardin Trocadero, dazzling the illuminati with witty anecdotes.

The background image in the second panel is of course Paris circa 2010; shot from the rooftop patio of the Jardin Trocadero.

The background image in the first panel is from Ghent, Belgium!