Mercedes-Benz StartUp semi finals

I went to a fashion show last Tuesday (April 17), part of Benz’s nationwide contribution to Canadian talent, what they’re calling “StartUp”.

Not so much because I am a fashion-conscious individual, quite the opposite in fact (hell, you should see how I dress), but because I genuinely get a kick out of the whole fashion world.

A million years ago, at some newspaper I worked at, I got to do a lot of shoots with a really great editor named Tammy Platzke.

Shows, studio, location stuff; and all of it was fun. Visually entertaining, and with great images at the end; a result of the sheer amount of dedicated (albeit weird! and hey bubba, fashion people are unusual) effort by the many professionals involved.

Loved it ever since. I’ll flat out admit that I don’t just like Vanity Fair for the articles, I loves me a styled photo; with tailored lighting and groomed professionals and the whole sort of contrived, fantasy atmosphere that you get in the industry.

It’s eight flavors of fun, and it was a chance to try out this great new lens I got with a position right at the mouth of the catwalk, yeah the catwalk baby; as designers from across Canada draped really tall women in their wares and sent them out looking good in front of a panel of judges.

Here’s a gallery of it (at greatly reduced rez) – the last photos are of the semi-final round’s winner, a down-home Edmonton girl named Malorie Urbanovitch (she’s the shorter one).

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