Pasta Brioni

I love this place, and have been coming here since it was called ‘Shecky’s’ way back in the day.

There it is, my friends: the Chicken Gigi

It’s Pasta Brioni now, but the menu and format are still very much the same – really good Italian food in nice yet unpretentious setting.

I’ve mostly been there for the lunch session (they are open evenings as well, for a more ‘fine dining’ experience) and every time I go I have but one thing on my mind: Chicken Gigi!

They’ve got other selections too, of course, sandwiches, salads – all of it good – but I consider the chicken-in-a-vodka sauce (with penne noodles) the establishment’s signature dish; and highly recommend it.

Excellent buns, too.

3 thoughts on “Pasta Brioni

    • – As you might expect, it is the best! Great to hear from you Gigi, and thanks for the comment!

      I’ll definitely look forward to seeing you in your new office, for nobody enjoys paying their taxes more than I 🙂

      Stay well, and a very happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours!
      – Wade

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